FOR 2020

Priority #1: Blend Synchronous & Asynchronous Learning to Create a Rich Experience for Scholars


• Synchronous learning is live interaction among teachers and scholars, such as a class meeting with video chat.

• Asynchronous learning involves activities that scholars do on their own followed by teacher feedback.

• At CAPS, we blend these two approaches to maintain an interactive classroom experience online while challenging scholars to do independent work as well.

Priority #2: Prioritize Core Learning Standards


• Reading skill growth has been the #1 priority of instruction during virtual learning this spring.

• Math instruction has focused on core skills that form the basis of long-term success.

• Other subject areas have prioritized key concepts and skills that will help scholars in the long term.


Priority #3: Inspire Intellectual Curiosity & Independent Learning


• We encourage scholars to regularly read independently.

• We invite scholars to experiment and tell us what they discovered.

• We host read-alouds for scholars to attend

• We invite guest speakers to inspire scholars.

Priority #4: Assess Learning in a Variety of Rigorous Ways


• While learning, scholars will do “formative” assessment in a range of ways to help teachers find out what they have learned and what they still need help learning.

• Scholars will also be asked to do occasional summative assessments, for grades.

• Teachers will set clear format and time expectations, including deadlines for all assessments.

• Teacher will give specific, growth-based feedback; scholars are expected to read that feedback and revise work.