We’re thrilled you are considering joining the CAPS community. We know selecting the school that’s the best fit for your child can often be overwhelming. Our goal is to empower your child thru high school and thru college so they can unlock the power of a college degree and shape their future. Below we cover some common questions about enrollment.

Grades Served

The 2020-2021 school term Asbury Park campuses will serve grades K-9.

Who can Apply?

Student must be 5 years old on or before October 1, 2015 of their kindergarten school year and must meet the following criteria:
  1. Any student domiciled within the districts of Asbury Park, Neptune, Bradley Beach, Avon, Long Branch, Neptune City, West Long Branch and surrounding area.
  2. Any student kept in a home of a person domiciled in the district, other than a parent/guardian, where the parent/guardian is a member of the New Jersey National Guard or the reserve component of the United States Armed Forces and has been ordered into active military service in the United States or abroad in time of war or national emergency.  
  3. Any student whose parent/guardian temporarily resides within the district, notwithstanding the existence of a domicile elsewhere.
  4. Any student whose parent/guardian moves to another district as a result of being homeless, subject to the provisions of the administrative code.
  5. Any student placed in the home of a district resident by court order pursuant to statute.
  6. Any student previously residing in the district if the parent/guardian is a member of the National Guard or the United States Armed Forces reserves and has been ordered to active service in time of war or national emergency pursuant to statute.
  7. Any student residing on Federal property within the state pursuant to statute. 

All applications are submitted online.