Mrs. Jodi Henderson McInerney Executive Director

Jodi McInerneyJodi Henderson McInerney, Executive Director (Asbury Park School) – Mrs. Henderson-McInerney began her career, after graduating from Rosemont College in PA, working on Wall Street as an Assistant Vice President in the legal advisory department at Merrill Lynch Asset Management. After fully enjoying her career in business, Mrs. McInerney decided to follow her passion for education. Having a strong desire to work in education, Mrs. McInerney obtained a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Monmouth University and joined the staff at West Belmar Elementary School where she taught kindergarten. Mrs. McInerney continued her educational pursuits and attended Seton Hall University for her second Masters degree in Educational Leadership, Management, and Policy. She continued her educational career at St. Catharine’s Elementary School in Spring Lake, NJ, her alma mater, where became Assistant Principal.

Mrs. McInerney has also served as an adjunct professor at Brookdale Community College. She has acted as the Executive Director for College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School since the 2018 school year. An unhesitating manager and persistent problem solver, Mrs. McInerney’s leadership is built around a strong passion to provide high-quality education to young people who live in districts that are often unfairly underfunded. With a practical, down-to-earth style of collaboration and decision-making, Mrs. McInerney ensures on a day-to-day basis that the Asbury Park Charter School remains a supportive community where all staff, scholars, and families feel valued and connected. Mrs. McInerney was born and raised at the Jersey Shore and enjoys being about to support the local community in which she grew up. She and her husband are the proud parents of 7 children.

Mr. Timothy McInerney Principal

Ms. Traci Orlandino Director of School Operations

Ms. Orlandino started her career in finance at Ernst & Young LLP as a Senior Advisor in Government and Public Sector. After a few years in finance she accepted a position at a school district as the Assistant Business Administrator. After a short period of time, it was clear that she had a passion for working with young people. She proceeded to take a life changing career role at a charter school in Newark and this is where she continued to grow as a school administrator. Ms Orlandino was one of the founding school leaders of the first alternative public charter high school in Newark specifically designed to serve opportunity youth. She has over 15 years of experience across charter management organizations, district schools and public online learning. Ms. Orlandino specializes in mission driven school based operations, student support and school leadership and is skilled in network wide operational leadership, human resource management and building systems across school networks advocating for inner-city youth. Ms. Orlandino has both a Bachelors of Science in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration from Seton Hall University and a Masters in Human Resource Management from Montclair State. 



Ms. Monica Hancock Middle School Supervisor

Ms. Hancock is dedicated to providing a high-quality education to all scholars through personalizing the teaching and learning process in collaboration with the middle school teaching staff at CAPS Asbury. Drawing on her experience and strong judgement, she provides school-based support for collaborative teams, data analysis, and school climate. She also enhances the CAPS Asbury leadership team with her organizational and scheduling skills.

Ms. Hancock joined the College Achieve Greater Asbury Park team in July of 2018 as an English Language Arts teacher for some middle school grades. Through her previous work with Talent Development Secondary (TDS), a comprehensive school reform model from Johns Hopkins University, Ms. Hancock built effective teacher teams with a focus on tiered student interventions. Prior to her work with TDS, Monica was an English teacher with classroom experience in Miami, Seoul, and Dubai. She holds an MS in International and Intercultural Education from Florida International University, a BA in Literature from the University of Miami, and NJ and FL state professional educator certifications for Supervision and ELA.

Ms. Canzoneri K-4 Team Supervisor and ELL Coordinator

Ms. Canzoneri wears multiple hats at CAPS Asbury. Her primary focus is to provide guidance and support to the elementary grade teachers and their scholars as they take their earliest steps on the path to college readiness. She also works frequently with parents and families to make sure that scholars can learn. In addition to this role, she also acts as the ELL Coordinator, making sure that English learners at CAPS Asbury continue their academics during the critical years of language acquisition. Finally, Ms. Canzoneri’s role at CAPS Asbury includes a variety of other leadership responsibilities, where her sharp eye, collaborative spirit, and speedy communication habits help make sure small but important things “get done” right and on time.

Ms. Canzoneri has been with the CAPS organization since the beginning, when she was the founding Grade 2 Team Leader at the first CAPS school in Plainfield. When CAPS Asbury opened its doors, she transferred and became founding Grade K-1 Team Leader, a role which evolved into its current form. Prior to teaching at CAPS, Ms. Canzoneri was a leader of multiple grade levels for Orange County Public School in Orlando, Florida, for 12 years.
Ms. Canzoneri earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Rosemont College and a Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida.

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