After your application has been both completed and accepted by our school, you will be asked to do several things to register your child.

Gather These Documents:

  1. Birth certificate with raised seal ‑or‑ copy of section of court decree awarding custody
  2. Immunization records from a doctor or previous school
  3. Physical examination from a recent doctor visit
  4. Current report card (except new grade K students)
  5. TWO current proofs of residence with the name of the parent or guardian: Public service bill, telephone bill, cable bill, water bill, property tax bill, deed, bank statement, notarized lease. If not in your name, bring a notarized letter/affidavit of resident signed by the person you live with, one of their utility bills, and any official mail in your name received at that address. (No cellular bills accepted)

Documents to Do Later:

  1. Enrollment Acceptance Form
  2. Student Emergency Contact Form
  3. Bus Transportation Form (if applicable)
  4. Transfer card from the Department of Education from your hometown
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